How To Sell Your Home in Redding, CA

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How to sell you home in Redding, CA

When it’s time to sell your home in Redding, CA, don’t do it alone—the talented team at Richard Nance Real Estate will exceed all your expectations! We know exactly what it takes to sell your home—and get you top dollar. We’ll craft a strategy session designed to sell your home quickly and target buyers looking to purchase their dream home in Redding.  

Sell Your Home in Redding, CA

Redding, CA is the perfect place to live, work, and play! The housing market is booming. But trying to sell your home without the expertise of an experienced realtor can be a huge undertaking—trust us, it’s a lot harder than you might think. Most people end up frustrated with the lack of results after months of going it alone—and then they end up contacting a realtor. 

Attempting to sell a house on your own is time-consuming and truly emotionally challenging. Having strangers walk through your home, unleashing negative comments, and presenting a lowball offer is draining. And then there’s those that are just touring your home out of curiosity.  

Work With a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Working with a realtor to sell your home has many advantages. Your realtor wants to sell your house just as much as you do—and at a competitive price. They use their years of experience to negotiate sales—you’ll get more money than you could on your own. And your savvy agent can zero in on motivated buyers.    

Skip the hassle and stress—make the smart choice and reach out to the Richard Nance Real Estate Team, and we’ll guide you through each step of selling your home. 

a real estate agent selling a home in Redding, CA

4 Steps to Selling Your Home in Redding, CA

Here’s our proven strategy for success and 4 steps to selling your home: 

Step 1: We take a comprehensive look at your home and property and use professional photography to make your home shine for marketing. Stellar photos will beautifully showcase your home and leave a lasting impression.    

Step 2: We’ll help you identify any improvements that need to be made—repairs, maintenance, a fresh coat of paint, or a landscape refresh. If you want to sell your home, it must be inviting, memorable, and marketable

Step 3: Whether using a professional staging company or virtually, staging allows buyers to visualize themselves living in their new home. And thoughtful staging adds to the visual appeal of your home’s photographs—in print or online. 

Step 4: At Richard Nance Real Estate, we hyper-focus on marketing that generates quality leads quickly. We’ll design a custom marketing campaign to sell your home. At the open house, our team of friendly agents will be there to help potential buyers make the right choice—buy your home! 

Our expert approach in photography, staging, and marketing allows us to custom design a winning strategy that will sell your home fast!

Sell Your Home in Redding, CA With Richard Nance Real Estate

We are a full-service real estate agency ready to help you sell or buy a home in Redding, CA or Shasta County. Tell us your unique story—and that of your home—and we’ll get started today. Our team has a collective experience of 20+ years helping our neighbors find the home they’ve been dreaming of. We are proud to call Redding, CA home—and our love of all things Redding gives us the extra edge when it comes to selling and buying homes locally.

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