Meet the Real Estate Agents with the Richard Nance Real Estate Team.

Buying or selling real estate is a complex exercise, and Richard Nance Real Estate Team is known for our defining quality of simplifying it for our clients. Working as a pair of expert hands, our real estate agents in Redding CA guide each client to their specific goals. Our unique approach to executing real estate agency services is grounded in our clear vision and customer-centric business values. Backed by our combined experience of 20+ years, we are ready to help home buyers and sellers get much more than a good business deal.


A Real Estate Team You Can Trust

We are a team of seasoned real estate agents, passionate about helping our clients achieve their real estate goals through local market expertise, an impeccable professional network across Shasta County, and a services approach that puts the client’s success at the core of everything we do.

Our team has comprehensive knowledge and experience of guiding clients through sale and purchase transactions. We know the potential pitfalls and help clients walk past them with no danger.

If a client wants to buy a home in Redding, CA, we can make the entire process of finding, touring, and buying their dream home much faster, smoother, and a more affordable affair. If a client needs a guide to help them sell a home in Shasta County, we can make it just as easy. From tips on how to maximize profitability and getting the property ready for viewings to negotiating the best deals, we stand by the client with a reassuring smile and all the help they need.

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Passion, integrity, loyalty and commitment to excellence are the foundations of my success. I love my family, which i...
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With a passion for service in the Redding area, Randy worked as a civil servant for thirty-three years before retirin...
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Being the pack leader, Richard is all about helping clients fulfil their real estate dreams. He is a family man with ...

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