Transitioning to The Area | Shasta County

Shasta County is a community rich with natural beauty, excellent quality of life, and an abundance of outdoor recreational activities that you can explore. Visitors and residents of Shasta County alike enjoy peace and tranquility in the community, surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and evergreen forests nearby.

If you are planning to move to Shasta County, we are sure you must be curious about what it will be like transitioning to the area. We will give you a brief overview of what life can be like in Shasta County by telling you about everything from the climate to the outdoor activities you can enjoy here.

The Climate

The northern region in California is also home to Redding, CA, a city that sees sunny days for an average of 321 days a year. You can expect the climate here to be hot and dry in the summers and cool and wet during the winters. Climatologists often describe the Redding Area as having a Mediterranean climate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Northern California is among the lowest in the Western United States. It means that Shasta County is not just one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to call your new home. It is also a highly affordable place to live.


Shasta's education system consists of a great mixture of private and public schools. Early childhood education holds high standards, and high schools in the area have an above-average STAR and SAT score. There are exceptional community colleges and private four-year colleges, and even a university.


The healthcare of any region is a crucial indicator of the quality of life that residents enjoy there. Redding, CA, is the regional hub when it comes to healthcare in Northern California. It has some of the finest professionals in the medical field who have access to the latest healthcare technologies. Shasta also has several world-class medical facilities, including the Shasta Regional Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center.


Shasta County is recognized as a thriving hub for retail services and markets, with several excellent shopping places, including Anderson Shasta Gateway Outlets, Redding Mt. Shasta Mall, Downtown Redding Promenade, and City of Shasta Lake Antique Stores as some of the most prominent locations.


Redding, CA, is also the perfect base camp for you to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. If you plan on living an active lifestyle and explore nature in your free time, you have access to abundant natural attractions everywhere. Whether you love skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or fishing, you can find everything nearby.

Are You Moving to Shasta County, CA?

Are you planning to move to Shasta County, CA? The Shasta area has the reputation of being a relaxed and less complicated region. There are a lot of recreational resources available. It is perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and provides a safe sense of family and community. If you are planning to move to Shasta County, we're here to help.

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Moving to Shasta, CA, can let you enjoy a peaceful and safe lifestyle. With the Richard Nance Real Estate Team at the helm, we can help you find the perfect place for you to call home here in California.